Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Teaching nurse the Faith at blood-taking

This simple teaching story was posted by our creative and steadfast friend Richard to a group list 10 August 2009:

I went for my physical today. I had already taught the doctor, nurses and office staff so I did not mention the Faith to them again. Then I went to give blood for my physical and I had not seen this nurse before.

I was warm, loving and appreciative with her as I try to be with everyone. I mentioned her radiant smile and thanked her for taking my blood. She responded in a very appreciative way.

I then said to her that I was going to give her a gift and it would be the most important gift she would ever receive if she liked the gift. I said the gift is telling you about a new way of life that practices seeing every person that we come into contact with as spiritual beings instead of seeing how tall or short they are, or their race, religion, politics.. etc. I am part of an organized movement that thinks in this loving way. You have probably never heard of this group, they are the Baha'is.

I then taught here the Faith and gave her my personal card, the world map, and the beautiful Baha'i pamphlet. I asked her to pull us up on the world wide web.and call me at the number on the card I gave you.

All this only took a few minutes. She seemed to be impressed.

WOW! So much in such a short period.

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