Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Courage, conviction to introduce Faith as heart suggests - relating it to world events, history

Our blessed Baha'i teacher-friend, Richard, in the following report clearly shows the result of following 'Abdu'l-Bahá's advice:
When you are about to begin your address, turn first to Baha'u'llah and ask for the confirmations of the Holy Spirit, then open your lips and say whatever is suggested to your heart; this, however, with the utmost courage, dignity and conviction....

(From "Selections from the Writings of 'Abdu'l-Baha", Sec. 216 p. 269; Source is here)

I introduced the Faith in a manner that was totally different from anything I had said in the past. I had not planned what to say. It was spontaneous and came out of my subconscious.

I was at a meeting of the Mecklenburg minister's alliance this week, and was asked by an area coordinator of a church what the Baha'i Faith was.

I stated, "The Baha'i Faith was sent to the world by the same God Christians believe in. It was 165 years ago or the year 1844.

The Baha'I Faith refers to Terrorism and atomic weapons. If their message and teachings had been listened to and applied we would not have had the two world wars and other wars.

As well as other reasons, all the wars in the past 165 years have occurred because the Religions of the world have ignored or actively
worked at turning the world's people of against God's word through the Baha'I Faith. Inspite of this, Baha'is have grown to over 6 million
members in every nation on earth with many of it concepts being implemented by the governments of the world.

20,000 Baha'is were killed in public the 6th year of the initial founding of the Baha'I Faith. Religious opposition continues to this day. The Baha'is teachings consist of 200 books and a world organization to implement these teaching.

The Baha'i Faith's teachings are sent by God as a blue print for world peace and security with God's power to make it happen. If this blue print had been adopted in 1844, this plan and God's power would have prevented all the wars of the past 165 years. In the future the Baha'i teachings will bring the "Kingdom of God On Earth". Two new Divine teachers gave these teaching and this blueprint is now being put into practice by the flowers of the Baha'i Faith.

God asked Ishrel God through Christ asked the Jewish people to accept Christ over 2,000 years ago.

Baha'is understand that God is asking you as an individual and your church to investigate the claim of the Baha'I Faith that God has sent the Baha'is to renew God's spirit in the world and bring world peace.

You asked me what the Baha'i Faith teaches, therefore I offer you the chance to receive a free book to prove this claim that two new Teachers have been sent again by God to the world. May I give you our material that makes this claim.

He responded by saying, "Yes." I handed him my personal card and he gave me his card to send him material.

The above statement only took 2 minutes!!!!! !!!!!!!!! ! Wow!!!!!!!!! !!!!!
WHAT I SAID TOTALLY CAUGHT ME OFF GUARD! I had not planned out what I had said and did not follow through as I now will with a plan of follow up. I am going to use the same approach with refinements to dramatize this entire idea with pictures and materials.

So often in the past people have responded to us Baha'is in a brief moment like (this is interesting or Baha'is believe like I do and they see no need to pursue it further.)

I am sure this approach came out of my sub-conscious in response to my desire to challenge them to make a commitment to pursue the Faith further in a brief moment like this.

Shared by Richard on 29 september on the Yahoo! group "gnats into Eagles." Reproduced with his kind permission.