Monday, June 22, 2009

A cluster’s plan of activities for the consolidation phase

Here is a succinct summary of activites going on in the Intensive Program of Growth of a cluster in the Northeast shared by email recently.
"With so firm a foundation in place, the foremost thought in the mind of each and every believer should be teaching. Whether in their personal efforts they teach their friends in firesides and then involve them in the core activities or use these activities as their primary instrument for teaching, whether as a community they make their work with children and junior youth the initial thrust in a cluster or focus first on the older generations, whether in their collective endeavours they visits families in teams as part of an intensive campaign or call on seekers in their homes periodically over time.... What all must acknowledge, irrespective of circumstance, are both the crying need of a humanity that, bereft of spiritual sustenance, is sinking deeper into despair and the urgency of the responsibility to teach with which we each have been entrusted as members of the community of the Greatest Name." -- Universal House of Justice, Ridvan 2007

Even though the expansion phase is over, the teaching continues.  Below find the your cluster's plan on how to continue the teaching work, Please send thoughts, stories and feedback as the Cluster Agencies learn from this process.  
Creating lasting spiritual bonds with friends, family, co-workers & neighbors
(A) Sharing the fundamental verities of the Faith
(B) Starting core activities: use vision of the Universal House of Justice (quoted below from 28Dec08) 
  • Devotional gatherings: Efforts to hold meetings that strengthen the devotional character of the wider community
  • Children's classes: Offer classes that foster the spiritual development of children
  • Junior youth groups: Form groups that channel the energies of junior youth
  • Study circles: Establish circles of study, open to all, that enable people of varied backgrounds to advance on equal footing and explore the application of teachings to their individual and collective lives 
Accompanying others
(A) Encourage based on vision from the guidance and encourage them to share that vision with others
(B) Please call at least one other person to share with them the plan and the vision for the rest of the expansion phase
(C) Think of one person with whom you'd like to work to teach during the expansion phase