Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Using seeker's background as starting point for teaching

Here is an enlightening teaching story from an experienced teacher of the Faith.

P and I met for the fifth time with the wonderful African American couple...They are of the retired upper crust of our nation. He was very active in the civil rights efforts during the 60/70s.

As I have explained in my previous posts, it really takes skill to teach him the Faith. Today he stated talking about how the lightning strikes, and then there is thunder, and rain, then the fruit comes. He likened this to what happened with Martin Luther King Jr. as lightning and the follow up as thunder and rain.

I enthusiastically agreed and articulated my understanding of this as lightning that saved the nation from more riots and greatly enhanced our country with ability to deal with the racial bigotry in the USA. Now remember he has studied the Faith some and sees the Faith as no more relevant than all the other great things such as King.

I stated that people like him and I have been the thunder and rain that followed King's lightning, and have found a profound feeling of accomplishment in our lives and this is as it should be!

I then suggested that I feel some of us have developed a "COMFORT ZONE" that has interfered with our ability to see the lightning that only the Baha'i Faith has brought that would have gone a long way to prevent all the major wars including the first and second world wars and the terrorism that is threatening the world today.

I asked, "Can I explain the part that the Baha'i teachings have brought as a lightning rod that would have mitigated or prevented these wars?

He was hooked!!!!!! The door was open wide.

I stated, "The Baha'is were given a blue print at their founding to reorganize the concept of religion and politics. The Baha'is accept that the present organizations in the world that accept racial togetherness are good. But the Baha'i lightning states and empowers a focus for every Baha'i to go way beyond agreement and provide the thunder and rain in the following areas:

An advanced language that states, we are one race the human race.

The color of peoples skin is likened unto a flower garden of black violets, red roses, white lilacs, etc.

It is God's plan for everyone on earth to move as quickly as possible to a world-embracing concept of organization that believes we are citizens of the world. We understand that after the first world war the League of Nations was a step in this direction, and the UN advanced this concept. And now God will advance the world's organization so that we see ourselves as "One nation-the earth." No one can prevent it. The Baha'i focus on a unanimous belief in the world embracing understanding necessary to bring warring nations together. This is done by one person at a time embracing these teachings.

Our 6 million + members are organized with no clergy. In its place the Baha'is elect with a secret ballot 9 members to make decisions. No one is a leader! The body of nine appoints a member to speak for any particular program. Then they set up committees that function in the same manner as the elected. It is a program that necessitates members stepping forward. It is without the drawback of clergy being empowered and paid. It brings the best aspects of democracy empowering organizational change. It works and is used on the local, state, national and international level.

Also the election process makes it possible for women to have the same input and status as men. Plus a multitude of other aspects for global change.

The membership of the Baha'is is preparing individual participation for involvement in all aspects of a global society.

The Baha'is lightning has struck! The thunder has been gaining momentum since 1844, over 100+ years. And the Baha'i rain is falling and the growth from the rain is worldwide.

(Then further proofs were given from world and Baha'i history)

He was very interested... It was wonderful!

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